Private Health Exchange for Employee Benefits: Free Webinar


Are you looking for a new solution to offering your employees quality health care and other benefits, without breaking the bank?

member-benefits-free-webinarWhen it comes to successfully running a business, it is important to put the needs of your employees, the heartbeat of your company, first.

Join us Wednesday, March 4th at 1 pm Eastern for a webinar discussion led by Caleb Bourque, Private Exchange Director with Member Benefits, the recommended broker of the State Bar of Georgia Private Insurance Exchange. We will discuss the Private Health Exchange and how it makes insurance shopping for you and your employees a smooth process.

The State Bar of Georgia Private Insurance Exchange is a resource for your employees to choose the health care plans that meet their specific needs and budget. The process of offering benefits for your employees may feel overwhelming at first, but we’ve got the tools and resources you need to help you and your employees make these important decisions regarding health coverage.

In this webinar we’ll talk about:

  • The wide range of health and other benefits available
  • The top 10 reasons to consider a private exchange for your employee benefits
  • How you and your employees can get themost savings
  • and so much more!

Space is limited so register quickly to learn how to get the health coverage you and your employees need.

*Employer solution available to employer groups with 5 or more employees. Employers with less than 5 EEs may access the Individual Marketplace solution.