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Get the protection your firm needs.

Even great lawyers sometimes face malpractice claims. That’s why we have a solution tailored to your firm. Get practical, relevant advice and relevant risk management information that helps support you in the management, mitigation and avoidance of legal malpractice.

You’ll rest easy knowing you’re protected against financially devastating malpractice claims with an insurance policy backed by A.M. Best A+ Rated carrier, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. For over 40 years, lawyers across America have trusted Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to protect their reputations and assets.


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Lawyers’ Professional Liability Policy Highlights

  • Broad definition of professional services including arbitrator, mediator, notary, title agent, escrow agent or fiduciary
  • Broad definition of insured including past or present attorneys, of counsels, employees, and independent contractors
  • Named insured has the right to consent to settlement
  • Outside interests in clients – coverage for legal services rendered if less than 10% equity in the client
  • Prior acts coverage, including predecessor firm coverage – Full prior acts coverage available
  • Prior law firm coverage included – Individual prior acts tailored as requested
  • Author, publisher or presenter of legal research papers or materials coverage
  • Innocent insured protection
  • Pre-claim assistance
  • Two ways to reduce deductible by 50%: Early Resolution and Use of Engagement Letters
  • Free individual retiree extended reporting period (ERP) if continuously insured with any carrier for at least three years

Innovative, Tailor-made Solution

No matter what your firm size is, we have a solution for you. With a variety of different providers, we will find the best one to fit your practice’s unique needs.

Risk-Management Expertise and Resources

Help avoid claims all together with a variety of risk-management resources. Policy Holders will be given access to articles, hotlines and experts to help keep them educated on risk management.

Experienced Staff

Count on a staff of professionals that are used to serving legal professionals just like you.

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