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Are You Just One Docketing Fail From a Malpractice Claim?

Being a lawyer is one of the most stressful occupations in the country, according to U.S. News.

To be successful, a lawyer must be able to juggle tasks, understand complex issues, and act with decisive judgment under pressure—with no room for error.

In the legal world, mistakes can be costly if they lead to a malpractice suit. But did you know one of the leading causes of malpractice claims comes from easily preventable docketing errors?

According to the American Bar Association, “administrative errors—which include tickler system errors, clerical and delegation errors, lost file or document errors, and procrastination—account for 28.5 percent of reported claims”.

So what steps can you take to decrease your risk of administrative errors?

Find What Works For You

How many times a week have you had to ask yourself if you’re forgetting anything? When your daily task list is determined by deadlines, using project management tools to stay organized can help make sure nothing escapes you. For example, a docket control system keeps track of filing and statutory deadlines, allowing you to focus on your most timely projects first.

Once you decide on a system (or software) that works best for your practice, strictly adhering to your new protocols will be your first line of defense against administrative errors.

Tackle Your Inbox

Looking at the number of emails in your inbox and thinking “I’ll get to them later” is an extremely risky practice. It’s critical to ensure that no actionable email is overlooked or forgotten. Utilizing flags, folders, and calendar reminders can help you stay on top of current projects that require your focus. Only actionable emails should be occupying your inbox, all others (emails you’ve already addressed or ones that require no action), should be filed in the appropriate email folder.

Review Your Malpractice Insurance

How many times have you thoughtlessly renewed your legal malpractice insurance? When was the last time you examined your policy?

With the nature of business constantly evolving and bringing with it new technological changes and challenges, it’s important to review your existing malpractice policy. Does your policy offer all the coverage you really need? Could there be a more affordable option for your firm?

As a member of the State Bar of Georgia, you can receive legal malpractice protection through the Private Insurance Exchange. To learn more about your options, visit our professional liability page today.